You’ve Been Shopping At Trader Joe’s Wrong This Whole Time

Trader Joe’s is one of the best things to ever happen to grocery shopping. Say goodbye to high prices, confusing choices in products, and low quality items, because Trader Joe’s has a select range of high quality products at amazing rates. Additionally, their store aesthetics are always chill and current.

There is, however, a lot more that Trader Joe’s has to offer besides just being a really cool grocery store. If you have just been walking into your local Trader Joe’s and buying things willy-nilly, you’re doing it all wrong. Avoid these mistakes everyone makes when shopping at Trader Joe’s.

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Private-label brands | 0:00
New products | 1:16
Seasonal products | 2:09
Free samples | 3:16
Fearless Flyer | 4:24
Reusable bags | 5:18
Frozen fruit | 6:18
Frozen meals | 7:11
Manufacturer coupons | 8:14
The Trader Joe’s experience | 9:11

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